You are reading this because you, or someone you love, is hurting,
and you want help!!

If you or your loved one is experiencing one or more of the following: depression; anxiety; anger; conflict; sadness; frustration; fear; sleep disturbance; significant changes in appetite, weight, sleep, attention, concentration, memory, ability to make decisions; obsessive thinking or compulsive behavior; inappropriate use of any mind or mood altering substances; loss of interest or pleasure in activities formerly found enjoyable; feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, powerlessness, shame and/or guilt, in one or more relationships, then you have done the right thing to seek help!

It is my desire to help my clients to work through their concerns, to their goals, in the fewest number of visits, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of expense!

I utilize an interactive approach which involves both "in session" processing of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and education regarding skills/tools which can be used outside of the session to endeavor to help heal or enhance significant relationships. Additionally, I encourage the use of "out of the office" resources (e.g. selected readings, support groups, and coordination of care with other healthcare professionals, clergy, as appropriate, and only upon your permission/agreement)!
For those desiring it, I embrace a Christian approach which emphasizes focus on the healing of relationships with others as especially related to the relationship one has with God and with ourselves. (Matthew 22:34-40)

While relationships can often seem quite mysterious, I endeavor to help my clients to find simple and straightforward answers and approaches to healthier lives and relationships. In accordance with this, I do entertain brief introductory calls, at no charge, to ascertain if a more formal assessment is desired or free referral to a more specific help is warranted.

For further information, simply call:  714 588-3760

Tim Scanlon M.S., M.F.C.C.